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Welcome to Moonflame Designs, a small design portfolio run by me (Presea, Melanie, whatever you prefer), since October of 2005. This website offers graphics as small as avatars to complete website layouts, along with tutorials, brushes, and other resources. More recent designs (post-2014) will be offered in a variety of formats, including avatars, wallpapers (for phone and PC), facebook cover pictures, and website layouts. Older designs have since been retired, but can still be viewed and used. Enjoy browsing, I hope you find something useful! And, if you don't, and would like to suggest something, send me an e-mail (! I love trying new things and I definitely have a lot to learn! Thanks for visiting! Don't be afraid to leave a comment! xoxo

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d e c a y c o n s t a n t

Updated by Presea on 20 Apr 2011

I know, I know! I'm updating too soon! But I just wanted to update and got tired of editing the last, miles-long update. So anyway.. decided to do a little revamping of the website. Nothing like a new layout (I wanna stare at my drawing a little longer *w*), but I've been going around changing things and adding things. Let's see..

I've gone through the entire 'Site' table. I left the about page the same. It's long and boring, but oh well. I added a new link-in button:

Nothing special at all. Not even a character! Anyway, I updated the credits page with any new resources and whatnot. I've also elaborated a bit on the sites that are my inspiration. Go check it out. Two out of four aren't around anymore, but visit the other two and get inspired!

After ripping my eyes out, I re-coded the past layouts page. It's a little more organized now. And lastly, I didn't do much with the playlists. I edited the blurb before them, but that's about it.

Now for the actual content. I'm working on it. And wanted to take a break. So I thought I would update. Ahah. I changed the look and feel of the website layouts page and gaia profiles page. They are a little bit more professional now. At the moment I'm going through each and every layout, organizing the HTML and CSS, fixing and adding read-me files, and rezipping them, to make them more user-friendly. I've gotten through the latest two layouts and am working my way down.

I did add those previews to the brushes page. I'm thinking of adding previews to the tutorials, but that will be at a later time.

The guild table is gone. I don't go on Gaia anymore so the guild is also gone. Probably not gonna' come back this time cause I have no friends /lonely

Lastly, I added a poll! Please vote! Cause I was looking at some of my layouts in IE and I was like wtfodnshdfbdshkfhsdiofj!!!!! Yeah, the colours don't match and some stuff is way outta' place. I don't know. If a lot of people still use IE, I'll go back and fix the faulty layouts. So yeah.. let me know.

Anyway, I'll get back to work.. you vote in that poll!!! Go go go!!

spring cleaning!

d e c a y c o n s t a n t

Updated by Presea on 17 Apr 2011

Notice: Don't mind the layouts and layouts page. Doing a bit of revamping there. :3

That's right! It's time for spring cleaning of Moonflame Designs :D I've already started with a few places, such as the signatures page and the hiatus signs page, which is linked because I added a new sign for the few that I deleted. To be cleaned are the welcome signs page, the bookmarks page, and the website layouts page, which I started on today.

I didn't just want to delete the layouts I don't like anymore. Some of them have potential. So, I decided for the ones I really like (and can find a similar image for the header) that I would recreate them.. sorta. Ahah. So, I started with Moonflame's first layout, Lost.

The old one can be seen here (click the image if you want the working preview):

and the new version here:

Quite a difference, huh? I prefer the new one much more. Unfortunately, I can't find a similar image for Moonflame's second layout (which I like, but the coding is faulty and the fading-into-the-patterned-background is gag worthy), so that one will be deleted without revamp. As for the third one, I don't want to delete it, but I definitely have to tweak the coding. It's faulty too xc

Oh, and I kinda noticed that I've been using the same designing techniques over and over again. Like the rounded-corner tables (but I love them soo much!) and the gradient backgrounds and the light textures... I don't know. :/ I feel comfortable doing that stuff and I feel like it turns out good. But I know designing isn't about comfort (that's what "Glow" kinda proves), so I'll work on varying my design techniques. The new layout and the recent Halloween layout are practically the same design! orz

Anyway.. um, enough about that. The avatars page is a new page so it doesn't need cleaning. (And a added a new one. I'll attach it to the end of the update.) I'm fine with keeping the three (count em, three!) Gaia layouts, though I will not be making more, and I need to add little previews on the new brushes page Done! (thanks for the suggestion Cali!).

So, enough of my rambling. I'll get back to work (:

Much love ♥

(Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm updating [only because I never do!], it's Spring Break and our play at school is over. So I have a teensy bit more time |3)

EDIT: The layouts page is all cleaned up! I fixed the faulty coding of Deadly As Sin and I updated all of the previews of the old layouts and went in and fixed a lot of stupid mistakes. Power of Smile is gone now. While I can't reproduce a similar layout, I'm definitely thinking of making another i-frame. I've got time c: We'll see~ Now, to clean up the welcome signs and bookmarks. I edited the tutorials a while ago. So I ain't touchin' them -_-

EDIT 2: Okay. That was easy. I just ended up deleting the first two welcome signs and the first two bookmarks. I didn't like those. Of course now it's time for the hard part. Going back and adding new ones cx

EDIT 3: I didn't wanna make new little graphics. So I made another pre-made. I love it on my computer, but I have one of these old box monitors. I looked at it on my brother's laptop. The brightness overwhelmed the design, so yeah.. don't know how great it'll look for everyone else. But it looks good for me! |D

disappearing act

d e c a y c o n s t a n t

Updated by Presea on 09 Mar 2011

And for my final performance! Lol, jk, this site is like a cockroach. It won't die :l

Anyway, school has been giving me a run for my money this semester and I'm trying hard not to fall behind. However, when class gets boring, I find that doodling helps make the time fly by a little faster. I have this neat little white drawing pad and my Sakura microns with me nowadays, so I decided to doodle some brush designs. So, Moonflame now has a brushes page, with four sets to start it off. They are common brushes: hearts, splatters, scribbles, and smudges. I drew em all though cause I can :p Just kidding. Well, sort of.

Anyway, enjoy the new addition to the website. I'll see you next fall! (Just kidding again, hopefully..) ♥

Oh, by the way, I'll probably be taking down the guild section soon. I don't go on Gaia anymore; I dislike it. I'll keep the very few Gaia profiles I have on the website up, but I most likely will not design any more. I'll stick to the more universal resources and designs c:

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I owe many thanks to Nadja of Rebirth for generously hosting Moonflame Designs for many years now. Without her kindness, I would surely still be derping around on Freewebs.

Moonflame Designs is copyright Presea, January 3, 2014; please do not reproduce any of its contents without permission. Resources for the current version as well as the graphics found around the website can be located on the Credits & Copyrights page. Thank you for visiting!