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Welcome to Moonflame Designs, a small design portfolio run by me (Presea, Melanie, whatever you prefer), since October of 2005. This website offers graphics as small as avatars to complete website layouts, along with tutorials, brushes, and other resources. More recent designs (post-2014) will be offered in a variety of formats, including avatars, wallpapers (for phone and PC), facebook cover pictures, and website layouts. Older designs have since been retired, but can still be viewed and used. Enjoy browsing, I hope you find something useful! And, if you don't, and would like to suggest something, send me an e-mail (! I love trying new things and I definitely have a lot to learn! Thanks for visiting! Don't be afraid to leave a comment! xoxo

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Updated by Presea on 11 Jun 2010

Whether or not I live is another question entirely.

So, to make a long excuse a little less long, I'm just going to hit a few major points: school work, the play (or should I say, the plays), death of computer, school work, dead computer, dead computer.. Erhm, my computer esploded. Okay, not really esploded, but decided that it should become corrupted (the hard drive), and refuse to boot 'cause the plug came out of the wall. Talk about a hissy-fit.. I still love you computer.. Please, don't leave me again ;_;...

I'm kidding.

Anyway, so I suppose you might take from that the fact that I was up to my elbows in school work and without a computer for some time. We weren't able to recover anything this time. Fonts, brushes, old graphics, back-up site files.. all gone :c It's rather depressing when I dwell upon it.

I hope to acquire some designing software soon so I can revive my site (it's like a spell-caster in the very beginning of an RPG.. you waste about 75% of your revival items on them). School's over soon, but not for long. I have college courses starting in July and huge summer reading projects to take care of. Becoming a junior is not going to be any bit exciting (or easy). Between the time when school finally ends and college courses begin, I'll be catching up on some of my neglected hobbies. This means Moonflame, my piano work, and tennis. I even have to study some too.. <:c

I can't imagine this summer will be at all fun. On this unpleasant note I bid you farewell. To my affiliates who have been updating so often, I'm sorry I'm not keeping up with you and haven't contacted you as to why. For those affiliates whose sites are in the same rut as my own, I don't plan to move your link anywhere. I understand all too well that time doesn't always let us do everything we would like to.

Thanks all of those who visit for sticking around.

And Nadja, thanks for putting up with my neglectful self c:> I'll change your link to Rebirth as soon as I download CoreFTP..


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