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Welcome to Moonflame Designs, a small design portfolio run by me (Presea, Melanie, whatever you prefer), since October of 2005. This website offers graphics as small as avatars to complete website layouts, along with tutorials, brushes, and other resources. More recent designs (post-2014) will be offered in a variety of formats, including avatars, wallpapers (for phone and PC), facebook cover pictures, and website layouts. Older designs have since been retired, but can still be viewed and used. Enjoy browsing, I hope you find something useful! And, if you don't, and would like to suggest something, send me an e-mail (! I love trying new things and I definitely have a lot to learn! Thanks for visiting! Don't be afraid to leave a comment! xoxo

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Updated by Presea on 09 Mar 2011

And for my final performance! Lol, jk, this site is like a cockroach. It won't die :l

Anyway, school has been giving me a run for my money this semester and I'm trying hard not to fall behind. However, when class gets boring, I find that doodling helps make the time fly by a little faster. I have this neat little white drawing pad and my Sakura microns with me nowadays, so I decided to doodle some brush designs. So, Moonflame now has a brushes page, with four sets to start it off. They are common brushes: hearts, splatters, scribbles, and smudges. I drew em all though cause I can :p Just kidding. Well, sort of.

Anyway, enjoy the new addition to the website. I'll see you next fall! (Just kidding again, hopefully..) ♥

Oh, by the way, I'll probably be taking down the guild section soon. I don't go on Gaia anymore; I dislike it. I'll keep the very few Gaia profiles I have on the website up, but I most likely will not design any more. I'll stick to the more universal resources and designs c:

♥ from Cali

15 Mar 2011 02:28 pm

Hey Presea! Don't know if you still remember me, but I remember visiting your site a lot awhile back. It's nice to see you are back and updating. I simply love the new layout you have. If it's you who drew that, you are way too amazing! Plus the brushes you made are oh so awesome!!! May I suggest you show thumbnails of your brushes for those who don't know what are those clicking links for (for some odd reason).

Anyways keep it up! Your site is too beautiful. I look forward to your future updates. I definitely will visit back again :)

♥ from nelson

06 Nov 2011 05:58 am

♥ from Xavier

17 Nov 2011 06:01 pm

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I owe many thanks to Nadja of Rebirth for generously hosting Moonflame Designs for many years now. Without her kindness, I would surely still be derping around on Freewebs.

Moonflame Designs is copyright Presea, January 3, 2014; please do not reproduce any of its contents without permission. Resources for the current version as well as the graphics found around the website can be located on the Credits & Copyrights page. Thank you for visiting!