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Welcome to Moonflame Designs, a small design portfolio run by me (Presea, Melanie, whatever you prefer), since October of 2005. This website offers graphics as small as avatars to complete website layouts, along with tutorials, brushes, and other resources. More recent designs (post-2014) will be offered in a variety of formats, including avatars, wallpapers (for phone and PC), facebook cover pictures, and website layouts. Older designs have since been retired, but can still be viewed and used. Enjoy browsing, I hope you find something useful! And, if you don't, and would like to suggest something, send me an e-mail (! I love trying new things and I definitely have a lot to learn! Thanks for visiting! Don't be afraid to leave a comment! xoxo

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d e c a y c o n s t a n t

Updated by Presea on 20 Oct 2011

Yesterday was a pretty awful day. I was eager to wake up because my SAT scores were online, and I did really well, and am totally happy with that. But this entire week I've been busy with school work and other things, and didn't take enough time to practice for the Drama Club auditions. I knew I did bad and was upset with myself and I've seen the callbacks and I am being called back for the smallest lead. I think for what I put forth, I got what I deserved. I just wish I had had more time. I'm so disappointed in myself.

Also earlier today I probably bombed a history exam.

So, that being said, there is my explanation for the "happy?" birthday. Because it's Moonflame's sixth birthday. I'm hoping the day will go a little better than yesterday.

So enough of my blogging here, I have an update! -catches you- It's just one design but I'm very pleased with the outcome because it's kind of an old school design.

Enjoy and don't forget to wish Moonflame a happy birthday!

P.S. Affies, I am stalking you! I just need to not be a scumbag and start leaving some comments.. :c I love you!!

(According to Cutenews, it's still the 20th, but where I'm at it's the 21st. Soo, yeah, the 21st is Moonflame's birthday. Not the 20th. Silly Cutenews. :p)

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