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Welcome to Moonflame Designs, a small design portfolio run by me (Presea, Melanie, whatever you prefer), since October of 2005. This website offers graphics as small as avatars to complete website layouts, along with tutorials, brushes, and other resources. More recent designs (post-2014) will be offered in a variety of formats, including avatars, wallpapers (for phone and PC), facebook cover pictures, and website layouts. Older designs have since been retired, but can still be viewed and used. Enjoy browsing, I hope you find something useful! And, if you don't, and would like to suggest something, send me an e-mail (! I love trying new things and I definitely have a lot to learn! Thanks for visiting! Don't be afraid to leave a comment! xoxo

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Updated by Presea on 25 Oct 2012

This won't happen often, trust me, two updates within days of each other. I merely had a somewhat relaxing and uncommon Thursday night of university life. I actually have tons of homework I'm in denial about right now. But I decided I wanted to work on Moonflame for a bit. I've updated all of the pages to match the new layout. All of them look good, besides the past layouts section (which obviously needs a revamp anyway as there are new past layouts to be added...). Also, I want to revamp the style of display on the website layouts and Gaia profiles pages. I probably won't make more Gaia profiles, but I'll keep them up for anyone who might want them and also just to look at cause they're kind of pretty (haha).

I've added just three new avatars and also a pretty link button to match the new layout. Sadly that is it for content updates. sad I think I want to shift my focus to more layouts and more tutorials. They are honestly my favourite items on Moonflame. Maybe some more articles as well. I'm considering adding miscellaneous articles that offer advice (like the inspiration article).

Alsooo as I am learning programming in college, perhaps I can whip up a baby Java tutorial. It'll be a nice way to review for me and an interesting way to expose visitors to new ideas. Let me know what you think! regular

I'm also thinking of adding a page for visitor requests. I would like to see what visitors are interested in.

As I write this update, I have to stop to consider the fact that I don't really have visitors because I don't keep my site updated and fresh and it isn't really advertised or anything. But either way, if you happen to be reading this, please leave some feedback in the comments! I wish you could shout in a shoutbox, but I lost mine. mad

Thanks for reading everyone! Much love, Presea ♥

Oh and please feel free to apply to be an affiliate of Moonflame! The website may be dead often, but I promise, I'm friendly wink

♥ from Dark

26 Oct 2012 09:05 am

:D PRESEAAAAAAAAA! So good to see you again!

^^ Thank you very much! Yea, I'm going to be quite the grump at work. 'At's always fun.

Sounds like you've got plenty on your plate as well. :p I love the new layout though! It's very pretty! Haha, I think it's good that you're doing tutorials. I got rid of mine for the time being because I think they're outdated and the programs I use are super outdated. 8D -sigh-

♥ from Pim

28 Oct 2012 01:01 pm

Pretty layout i dont have a site nor email you can reply back to jusr want to ask if you can make chikage icons from the sister princess anime

♥ from Nise

12 Nov 2012 07:34 pm

Omg such a cute and lovely site!

♥ from Sasha

20 Dec 2012 04:45 am

Oh. My. Gosh. This website design is so gorgeous! So glad to see Moonflame Designs still going strong after so long, doesn't matter how often you update. Your designs are amazing :D

♥ from Dark

25 Dec 2012 04:34 pm

Merry Christmas, Presea! laugh

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