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will you be my fwiend? -'w'-

Here is the application for affiliation. I'm not concerned with the number of affiliates I have. I'm not looking to gain a certain number or to cap off the amount of applicants. I merely want friends in the graphic design community so that our sites can grow together!

  • - Please keep in contact with me. I'm not asking for you to update every day, week, or month. Honestly, I'm slow with updates myself. Update when you can. But don't lose contact. If I haven't heard from you and your site is showing up an error page, there isn't much I can do.
  • - Warn me when you go on hiatus or if your site is going to be closing, just so I know why you aren't updating for an extended period of time.
  • - Don't apply for affiliation hoping to gain traffic. (You won't!)
  • - No stolen content on your website.
  • - If there is obscene content or language on your site, please give some sort of warning. Graphic design is all about personal taste, but some prefer not to see explicit content and language. This is not a rule for my sake, but for the sake of viewers leaving my site and visiting your own.
  • - Please link to me on one or more pages of your website. I will do the same for you.



Site Name:

Site URL:


Thank you for applying! Hopefully we can be good friends! -^^-