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l e a r n m o r e

Rebirth Rebirth is a site run by my host, Nadja, and her (I wanna say cousin, lul) Kaitlyn. They both have differing styles, however, both produce great and modern designs. They have a plentiful amount of resources such as icon bases and PNGs. It's a fabulous resource for both designers and those seeking designs, so take a look!

Towairaito Graphics Towairaito is an amazing resource site focusing mainly on Neopets graphics and layouts. Run by the great webmistress, Dark, Towai is updated rather often and is full of quality graphics. Plus, Dark has a fantastic selection of guides/tutorials. For your Neopets and anime graphic design needs, Towairaito is most definitely the best choice!

black lizard designs

p r o f e s s i o n a l p o r t f o l i o

Black Lizard Designs is a web development company jointly managed by myself and my partner, Tony. He produces the designs and I get them up and running online with the code. This site is for other companies or professionals seeking paid designs for their company websites, so it isn't likely Moonflame visitors will find anything useful here. But please feel free to check it out and spread the word! Business is always welcome! (-:


f i n d e v e r y t h i n g y o u n e e d

Harmonia is a graphic design collective and community started by Sasha of Vizune. It has a handful of resources designed by various artists, so there's plenty of variety! Go check it out!


t h i n g s i l o v e