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*I use google images for stock to blend into my graphics. If you spot your pictures or stock used on one of my graphics, and you wish for exact credit or for me not to use it all, please e-mail me at and you will be given proper credit and/or I will take the image down.

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Anime Requiem Anime Requiem was pretty popular by the time I got into graphic design, and the main reason I started designing in the first place. Their designs were great, but I wanted to be like them and make my own. This website was my first real taste of the anime graphics world.

Soundless Words Soundless Words was a sophisticated website with plenty of beautiful and unique layouts and many resources. They offered a divider layout tutorial and helped me create my very first layout.

Towairaito Graphics Towairaito is an excellent website for graphics and other resources. I discovered it a while ago, and it was very popular then, just as it is now. I had the pleasure of watching Towai grow as I affiliated with Dark for some time. Her drive to keep her website updated (which she does, like every week!) pushes me to try and update at least once a month (ahah).

Aethereality Aethereality is like a god of web design. This website was around (full of quality content and resources) when I started designing back in 2004-2005. It is STILL around today, and is updated pretty often. The dedication the owner of the website shows really inspires me to have that same dedication to my website.

Elysium Designs Everytime I somehow stumble upon this site, I thank the good Lord that it's still around. This website is the embodiment of what it meant to be a designer back when I started out. Elysium's designs are so heavenly, dreamy, and clean. It's so unique and wonderful and yeah, go visit!!