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past layouts

o u r t i m e m a c h i n e

Well, before when Moonflame was just an itsy, bitsy little website that I thought was the coolest thing since sliced deli meat, we had many, many, not so fabulous layouts! I count all of those layouts as Version 1 of Moonflame (mainly because I don't have their screen capture or anything from them. Oh, and we used premades and stuff). All of our other versions, which believe it or not, improved over time, follow this paragraph here. I was unable to find screen captures of some of these layouts therefore only their top images are available for viewing. Hope you enjoy watching her grow (':

Version: 02 | Protect Me

Version: 03 | Untitled

Version: 04 | Distorted Dispear

Version: 05 | Come

Version: 06 | Magic

Version: 07 | Hold Me

Version: 08 | Listen to Your Heart

Version: 09 | Sorrow

Version: 10 | Spring Is Here

Version: 11 | Diary of An Angel

Version: 12 | Tomorrow's Way

Version: 13 | Untitled

Version: 14 | A Different Field of Stars Than Ours

Version: 15 | Hana

Version: 16 | Strawberry's Temptation

Version: 17 | Gold Rush

Version: 18 | Sky's the Limit

Version: 19 | Featuring Chi

Version: 20 | Forever Burning

Version: 21 | Mystify

Version: 22 | Gone With the Wind

Version: 23 | Nostalgia